Tea-riffic ways to save money

At Give Me the T, we are all about that budget life. So much so, that we’ve collated our best tips on buying tea wares and tea so you can live it too!

Buying tea wares:

Who can’t resist a teacup … or two, or three?? As pretty (and necessary) as they are, it can be difficult to balance quality with cost. Fortunately, there are ways to get around it!

Thrift shopping is my favourite way to find tea wares your bank account agrees with. You can source vintage, one-off pieces that add elegance to your collection. Better yet, you can  find substitutes for teabag holders (I use a gorgeous glass bowl) , and tins to store leaves. All for the price of a cuppa!

I recommend small, independent thrift stores; decent products sell fast in popular stores. In my experience large thrift stores, in particular franchises, sell items for higher prices and this has worsened since thrift-shopping became ‘cool’. Thanks Macklemore.

I found this gorgeous tea set in a small thrift shop – one of my best buys!

Garage sales can turn up some pretty neat tea wares and thankfully are dirt cheap. Grandma’s 50-year old, porcelain, floral tea set imported from Paris? Two dollars – one dollar if you can haggle. Of course, these are used items, so it is wise to look over the wares for any chips, stains or missing handles before you make a decision!

Another means of affording that tea set you really-really-gotta-have is to split the cost. This is more practical than it sounds, I promise! Chances are, if you are a broke uni student such as myself, you live with house-mates, a partner, parents etc. Consider, would they use the tea set? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, then suggest splitting the cost. Tea set = affordable.

Buying tea:

How to get the good teas when you are budgeting? Easy. Sizing, samples and sales.

Smart sizing will save you dollars. When buying tea on the go, it is all too easy to opt for the large rather than the regular. It is also all too easy to forget the upgrade costs money. This goes the same for buying boxes of tea. Buying bulk on your go-to teas is a fan-tasse-tic* choice, but otherwise smaller boxes get the job done. By downsizing, you will save without even realising it.


Many tea stores provide sample sachets of their teas, and these can often get you a couple of brews. The best way to source samples is to just ask. These are not only a fan-tasse-tic* way to balance your tea costs, but allow you to discover new teas.

Finally, sales are a staple for any budgeting life, and tea sales are no different! Sales are useful for teas stocked in supermarkets especially, and save valuable dollars. On top of sales, make use of loyalty cards! Tea stores such as T2 use them, and they easily make a difference.

Hope I have made your budgeting easier! If you have any useful budgeting tips, let us know in the comments below!

Happy sipping xx

*’tasse’ is the French word for cup.
Je voudrais une tasse du thé. I would like a cup of tea.


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