Teatime with Larissa

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Give Me the T sat down with Larissa, Store Manager of T2’s Adelaide Rundle Street store, to find out about her career in the tea industry.

Tell us a bit about your journey with tea.

It was probably a year ago that I started getting interested in tea. My partner is a lover of tea, and I only ever used to drink hot chocolate, nothing else but that. Since meeting him, I started trying it and just started experimenting from there! That’s where my love of tea grew from. Of course getting the job here [at T2], it has expanded even more, and I love working at T2. It’s fabulous, we get to drink different teas all day … there are teas for different occasions and moods.

How did you get involved in the tea industry and what brought you to T2?

I used to come into T2 as a customer, and I always loved my experience … I think that’s what drew me in initially to working for a tea company like T2. Ever since working here I’ve just fallen even more in love with it. It’s a fantastic brand with beautiful teas.


It was not only my experience, but hearing other people’s experiences with T2. My partner’s family are lovers of tea, we share tea together and I love what tea does for people. It is something that you share with all your loved ones and it brings everyone together.

Is working in tea a rewarding career choice?

Yes! T2 is unlike any other retailer I’ve worked for, in that it’s really engaging with everyone. There is a very genuine connection that we have with people. Most people that come here already love tea, so that’s a great base to engage with. I find it really rewarding helping people discover new teas … even finding gifts for people, [tea is] such a beautiful gift to give to someone. To see someone’s smile on their face, it’s lovely.

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What is your favourite part of working here?

Working on Rundle Street in particular, we have all walks of life coming in. I particularly love when people come in for the first time discovering tea. They might not have tried tea before, or be coffee drinkers wanting to convert.  I enjoy people just getting to know the tea well and discovering something new that they fall in love with.

We have a lot of characters that work here, so we are always having a good time! It doesn’t feel like work. We all love tea, we love our customers and it’s a great experience.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in tea?

Go for it! Learn as much as you can about tea. Be willing to try different teas and be open to different options.  Having an interesting in tea knowledge and history, and where things are made, I think is quite key.

What would be your dream job in the tea industry? Let us know in the comments!
Happy sipping xx


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