Teatime reading


There is a big, wide world of tea out there, so I am bringing the best to you! Below are a selection of blog articles and podcasts based on tea that I recommend checking out. Best enjoyed at teatime!

‘Becoming Wu De: A Conversation with the founder of Global Tea Hut’, World of Tea

This is a fascinating look at the founder of Global Tea Hut, a man who has focussed his life on meditation and the art of tea. In-depth and raw, this interview explores the relationship between tea and spirituality, and the journey the interviewee Aaron Fisher has gone through to arrive at his present. Recommend for a feature-read!


‘5 practical and inexpensive ways to up your tea game’, Tea for Me Please

This short, useful and fun read has a bunch of handy tips and tricks to, as it’s titled, up your tea game. I highly recommend this blog in general; it is super useful and enjoyable to follow.


 ‘How tea works’, Stuff You Should Know

Not exactly reading, but this podcast is sure an intriguing listen. It really sets the background for all things tea, and lets you in on a bit of the history. Definitely one to gEAR up for! (Get it? Ears, because it’s a podcast, and …yeah I’ll stop now…)


Do you know of any qualitea blogs, podcasts or other tea-related media? Share it with us in the comments below!
Happy sipping xx



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