10 last minute tea-inspired Christmas gift ideas!

Hey tea lovers! This post has been a long time in the making (thank you sickness), but it’s here! I’ve put together a list of 10 tea-inspired gifts for the tea lover in your life! Prices range from $10-$45 – there’s something to suit everyone!

#1 Indigenous art design teacup $30.95

Give them a teacup with a twist! This gorgeous teacup features the artwork of Indigenous artist Alma Nungarrayi Granites. Not only is it they beautiful and unique, but royalties from your purchase go straight back into benefitting the artist and the community. That’s a sweet gift.


#2 Tea-scented candle $44.95

So your giftee has too many teas, too many cups and probably too many teapots! Forget the cups and saucers, give them tea-scented candle! Take them to high tea and back with this blend. Mmmm, I could sniff this one all day!


#3 Punny tea towel $9.99

Does tea towel count as a tea gift? It does when it’s as awesome as this! This punny number will have your giftee par-teaing in the kitchen for hours!


#4 Cheeky vodka teacup $14.99

This one’s for that cheeky friend, you know, the one who miiiiight actually be drinking vodka!


#5 The Tea Book $16.30

So they like curling up with a cup of tea and a book … what about a book about tea? The Tea Book is all about tea, from origins to recipes and everything in-between. Perfect for someone new to tea, or who wants to learn more.


#6 Tea box set $24.95

Tea-se their taste buds with this set of three T Bar classics in a cute tea-storing box!


#7 T2 Tea Infuser $28.00

This is the easiest, coolest way to make a pot of tea! Place the tea infuser on top of your cup and watch the tea drain out. Very cool, and very efficient! A useful gift, and one that will be appreciated for sure!


#8 Teapot $39.95

Send some style their way with this cute Kikki K teapot! Beautiful and useful, it’s the perfect gift. It comes with a tea strainer so no need to worry about tea leaves finding their way into your cup!


#9 Infuser and mug $21.95

This three piece set infuses tea straight in the mug – nifty, nice and neat. Creating one serve of tea, it’s perfect for the single giftee!


#10 A tea date!

For a truly personalised gift, why not take your giftee out for a cup of tea? No, not to your regular coffee shop – try a speciality tea café! This gift is sure to have them smiling (and sipping) and is a great way to catch up. $20-40 (but really, priceless!)

Good luck with your last-minute christmas shopping! Happy holidays tea lovers, and as always, happy sipping! xx



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