Four Top Tea Brands


There are so many tea brands that I love, but here are my top four that you have to try!

1. T Bar

A South Australian, family-owned business, T Bar sells an incredible variety of tea. They do classics such as earl grey, chai and English breakfast exceptionally well, and don’t get me started on all their blends! I love this brand because of their quality, and the nuanced, delicate flavours of their teas. Their prices are affordable and there are three stores across Adelaide, as well as online.

2. Lupicia

This is a Japanese brand I discovered while in Paris. Their teas I’ve tried have been full of flavour and incredibly aromatic. The tea here is quali-tea, and there are so many exciting blends to choose from. I bought a blend called Neige Blanche (White Snow – it was Christmas time) and to this day it remains one of my favourite blends. Lupicia has expanded to Australia with a store in Melbourne and I highly recommend giving them a go – they’ll probably become a favourite!

3. Tea Tonic

This Australian brand are fun, quirky and bursting with great blends. I personally prefer their herbal options, which have some great flavours, but their tea blends are also good! Check out my review of their earl grey tea!

4. Govenor’s Estate

This is a bagged tea brand I have found in several supermarkets. I tend to consume loose-leaf tea but Govenor’s Estate teas are high quality, light and downright delicious! The price range is affordable and the tea is delightful. I recommend their Calming Peach tea.

Give these teas a go and let me know what you think in the comments! Happy sipping xx


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