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Review: Virginia Tea Company’s ‘Chai’

The Virginia Tea Company’s ‘Chai’ is a sweet but spicy treat for your senses. It’s delicate, yet robust enough to stand on its own. It makes for a great morning brew!

vt chai

Opening the box, I was delighted to find both an infuser ball AND tea bags inside! The bags are a fantastic addition. The tea can be bagged before you leave the house and carried with you. No more stale, crushed pre-bagged leaves!

The brew contains Fair Trade certified black tea (bonus), cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla. It’s an authentic chai blend – none of those artificial flavourings! The scent is more spicy than sweet – likely the cinnamon and ginger. It’s also quite aromatic.

The kit contains the loose tea, an infuser, tea bags and a spoon to put it all together – how versatile!

But the real test comes when it hits your tastebuds. This chai has a soft taste, but one still bursting with flavour. The vanilla and cinnamon give the tea a subtle sweetness. The kick of the spices still comes through, creating a nice balance. The ginger is particularly noticeable!


This blend doesn’t overwhelm you with spice – unlike most chai teas.  This works well, as you can taste the subtleties of the flavours.

It pairs great with shortbread!

The Virginia Tea Company have truly hit the sweet (or spicy) spot! You can purchase it here.

What tea should I review next? Leave a comment below!

Happy sipping xx


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